US Visa Status Check by Case Number

 US Visa Status Check: Over the years, the United States has been a sought-after destination for people looking for opportunities in work, education, and tour. It is  only natural that many individuals are keen to know the current status of their US visa applications, as visitors from various countries often require visas to enter the United States.

To check the visa status, Simply head over to the official CEAC website at Make sure you have your case number or application ID to check your visa status.

US Visa Status Check in India – Highlights 

 US Visa Status Check by Case Number


Service United States Visa 2023
AuthorityUS Embassy & Consulates
Type of Visa Immigrant and Non Immigrant Visa
Documents Required for VisaPassport Number, Photograph and Visa Application Form
Visa FeesUS $185
US Visa Appointment Booking Check Now
Appointment Waiting Period 1 Month to 2 Years
USA Visa Status Check in India Check online
Method to Check By Case ID or Case Number or by Passport Number
USA Visa Status Check


US Visa Status Check

Once you have  your interview with a consular official for your visa application, there might be extra administrative work required, which can make the process take a bit longer. Applicants are usually told about this during the application. In most cases, this extra work gets done within 60 days after your interview. But when it comes to administrative stuff, the timing can vary based on your individual situation. You can check the status of your US Visa application on or you can use the direct link given here in this page :


How to check your US visa status online ?

Follow these steps to know whether your visa has been accepted or not.

1-Start by visiting the CEAC website at
2-Now, in the “Visa Application Type” section, select whether you’re applying for a “Nonimmigrant Visa (NIV)” or an “Immigrant Visa (IV).”.
3-Next, select the place where you’re planning to have your visa interview.
4-Enter your unique Application ID or Case Number, which is a bit like your special ticket or reservation code.
5-Don’t forget to type in the characters you see in the picture (Captcha), to prove you are not a robot.
6-Click the “Submit” button, and you’re on your way to checking your visa status.

US Visa Passport Tracking 2023 ?

It is not uncommon for people to face issues when their passport arrives late. After they have been granted a US Visa by the Embassy. The good news is, there is a way to track your US Visa Passport in 2023. It helps you stay in the know about where your passport is at the moment. You can find the status of your visa and can tract it too by the direct link given above.

To track your US Visa Passport, all you have to do is use your Case ID or Case Number, like a key to unlock the info. The embassy will also share a tracking code with you, and this is your ticket to reach out to the courier company and get your passport safely in your hands.


Q-How can I check my US Visa Status in 2023?
You can simply visit and use your basic details to check your US Visa Status.
Q-How long does it typically take for the passport to arrive after getting the Visa approval?
Usually, it takes about 10 to 15 days for your passport to be delivered after your Visa is approved.

Q-What methods can I use to check my US Visa Status in India?

In India, you can use either your Passport Number or Case Number to check your US Visa Status.

Q-Which website should I go to for checking my US Visa Status in 2023?

For checking your US Visa Application Status, you should visit


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