Crash 100 apk Download New Version 2024 & Get ₹251 Free


Crash 100 apk app Download


Hello Gamers, Are you familiar with the rocket bang games ? If not then let us tell you first in short- what  rocket bang game is. This is a game in which you predict when the rocket is going to bang. Crash 100 app is one of them, users download new version-2024 apk file to install the application in their devices to play game over it. The most special thing of this app is. Users get the ₹251 as a joining bonus free. In the they can use this money to bet in the crash100 game. In this article we have given all the information regarding the app.

Crash 100 App

Crash 100 is a gaming app people can bet on this game for winning real money. This game is specially launched for betting. Playing games is full of fun here because it becomes exciting when any game is based on luck. This game is also completely based on luck. The probability of winning and loosing the game is equal.

Crash 100 apk mod latest version Download Process

This application is not available on any app store because of some terms and conditions. So there is a mod apk latest version file available on internet to download crash 100 game. If you want to install this game in your phone the process is straight forward you can follow the steps given below.

1-Step: First of all visit the official website. click here

2-Step: Register yourself with the phone number and setup the strong password.

Crash 100 apk app Download New Version

3-Step: Click on the OTP button to verify your phone number by 6 digits which you will receive on SMS.

4-Step: Click on the Register button and Login it using the phone number and password.

login crash100 app apk

5- Step: You will see the download button when you successfully login.

6- Step: Click on the QUEST given on the button menu.

7- Step: Now you will see a DOWNLOAD APP button , just click on it to download the apk file.

Crash 100 apk app Download

8-Step: After that install the apk file in your phone and you will get the app.

Enjoy Game Now !

Crash 100 App Login Using Mobile Number

If you have already registered on the application. And you have not downloaded the Crash100 now you want to login into the app using the mobile number. Then you can follow the steps given below to login and enjoy the betting. We recommend you to install the application so that you can easily get access of the game. Reality of color prediction games

1-Step: Visit the official website- click here

2-Step: Now enter the mobile number and the password that you have setup during registration

3-Step: Click on the LOGIN button.

Crash 100 app is real or fake ?

There is no straight forward answer of this query because it is completely depend on the users experience but we have some data to show you that will definitely help you to understand whether the app is real or fake. There are more than 5M download of this application and more than 90% reviews are in favor of this game. There is no legal complaint filed against the application. There is always neat and clean money transaction over the app as you can see in some proof in the picture.

Crash 100 app is real or fake ?

Crash 100 game hacks 

It is a luck based game but if you know how to play the crash 100 game smartly then you can make more money from this application. To play the game smartly you should aware with few game hacks that are given below we recommend you to try these hacks. Use them specially when you are loosing bet one after another the tips given below will help you definitely.

  • Follow the patter: To understand this trick let us understand with the help of the given picture.

Crash 100 game hacks 

  • You can see in this picture that the rocket is banging within 5 seconds that how you can predict the next chance by following the previous record of rocket crash.
  • In the beginning do not invest large amount of money, because you may lose it in click if you have not cash out the money at the right time.
  • Do not invest money one after another take pause in between to understand the pattern.


Crash100 apk is most popular game in the crash game category you can download it to play game. If you want to make money through playing entertaining games. Then you should choose this game because this game gives you high joining bonus to continue the game without investment later you can do recharge to withdraw money from the wallet. Play this game at your own responsibility because the chances of losing money is equal as of winning.

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