UP Bhulekh Portal 2023 | Check Land Records – Easy Method

UP Bhulekh Portal: All of Uttar Pradesh’s land records have been converted to digital format by the state government, making it simple for citizens to obtain online information about land ownership and related services.

Therefore, with Bhulekh UP, where Bhulekh implies all written material pertaining to a plot of land or property, landowners, property purchasers, sellers, and those involved in cross-verification can easily access these details.

Bhulekh UP is a government-backed website created by the revenue council of the Uttar Pradesh state that offers a digital platform for accessing and verifying land records inside the bounds of the state. It debuted on May 2, 2016.

Since the implementation of Bhulekh Uttar Pradesh, all manual duties associated with maintaining land records under the various systems used in the state have been abolished.

UP Bhulekh Portal 2023 | Check Land Records - Easy Method

Beneficiaries of UP Bhulekh 2023

Any Uttar Pradesh citizen who needs or requests information from Bhulekh UP is the recipient of the services offered through this portal.

A beneficiary can also be someone who requests the relevant land-related information for the purpose of cross-verification, in addition to a landowner, a buyer, and a seller.

A real estate agent, a financial institution involved in the loan evaluation procedure through a land mortgage, etc., may fall under this category.

UP Bhulekh Portal 2023 Features

The Bhulekh website in Uttar Pradesh offers the following features to the users to obtain information and access services regarding land:

  • Verification of land ownership for the purchase of real estate in Uttar Pradesh
  • Documents about land ownership are available for quick download. Such ownership records may be used as evidence for a variety of purposes, including applying for government employment or requesting a caste or income certificate.
  • Download UP Bhu Naksha
  • The following components of land records are accessible via UP Bhulekh Portal: Khewat or Khata number, Jamabandi, Khasra number, Khatauni number
  • Access to information about land ownership, such as the owner’s name and contact information, the size of the land, the history of property sales, and any outstanding debts like mortgages or third-party claims.

Benefits of UP Bhulekh Portal

The UP Bhulekh portal offers users the following benefits:

  1. With all land-related information, including records, maps, and Bhu Naksha UP, centralized in one location, access to land details is made simple for buyers, sellers, and landowners.
  2. There are less opportunities for illegal land possession, lawsuits, criminality, exploitation of children, or any other tyranny related to property ownership because the system is more transparent than ever.
  3. Through the web portal, users can also update any new records pertaining to their lands.
  4. Access to all land-related information requires only the Khasra khatauni number.
  5. Landowners in the state can save time by requesting information about their lands online with just a few quick clicks, eliminating the need to physically attend the Revenue Department or any patwari visits.

What is Khasra?

The term “khasra” refers to the unique survey numbers or plot numbers that are assigned by the state governments to agricultural plots of land.

What is Khatauni?

The term ‘Khatauni’ entails a specific number allotted to a set of cultivators cultivating a part of a plot of land assigned by the state government.

How to view Bhulekh Naksha record online ?

Learn how to see the Bhulekh Naksha for any land in Uttar Pradesh in the following steps:

  • Visit the official Bhulekh UP website.
  • Enter the necessary information, such as your village, tehsil, and district, on the home page to continue.
  • Next, a map of the land in Uttar Pradesh will be shown, with farm numbers marked on various plots.
  • Click on the appropriate farm number to find out who the account holder is.
  • Then, select the relevant account number to view Bhulekh Naksha UP.

Users can download and/or print out the map for a specific piece of property once it displays on the screen for their usage.

How to check land records at UP Bhulekh Portal ?

To access land records using the Bhulekh Uttar Pradesh portal, take these steps:

  • Go to the official Bhulekh UP portal; choose the ‘Imitation of Rights Record’ or ‘Khatauni ki Nakal Dekhein’ option that is listed on the front page.
  • On the redirected page, enter the captcha that appears on the screen to confirm that you have access.
  • Next, choose the proper gram/village, tehsil, and district for the relevant plot of land from each detailed dropdown menu.
  • Continue by providing the accurate Khasra/Khata number or Khatedar (Owner) information.
  • After you have accurately entered all the information, select ‘Search’ to display the land records.

All of the transactions done on the land, such as sales, acquisitions, mortgages, etc., will be recorded in the land records.

Through the same method, users can also verify additional information about land, like income village code and plot code.

For quick access to information, visit the Bhulekh UP portal with your Khata, Khasra, and Khatedar numbers at hand.

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