eSanjeevani Resgistration, Login, Appointment,

eSanjeevani Resgistration: The eSanjeevani Portal, launched by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, allows any citizen to request a doctor’s consultation via a smartphone. You can take advantage of a number of services on the eSanjeevani 2.0 Portal, including teleconsultation and outdoor patient registration. Thus, we are here with the eSanjeevani Registration Process and other related details to give you complete information. To utilize the benefits of this portal, download the app and then finish the eSanjeevani 2.0 Registration Online at

For your reference, a complete list of eSanjeevani features is provided here. In addition, individuals utilizing the ECHS benefits have the option to sign up for this service and finish the Esanjeevani ECHS Registration in order to utilize the online doctor service on the application. You can find all the information you need to download the eSanjeevani 2.0 app and use the eSanjeevani HWC Teleconsultation in this post.

eSanjeevani Overview

Patients no longer need to visit any hospitals in order to receive health advice thanks to E Sanjivani OPD. In addition to saving a ton of time and money, it will increase system transparency.

Name of ServiceeSanjeevani
Also Known asNational Telemedicine Service
Organization / DepartmentMinistry of Health and Family Welfare
FeaturesTelemedicine, doctor consultations, digital prescriptions, and more
Launched In2023
Usage MethodApp/Web

eSanjeevani Resgistration, Login, Appointment,

eSanjeevani Features 

The features of eSanjeevani 2.0 have been covered in the points below.

1.Beneficiaries who have registered can first schedule an appointment online and see the doctor.

2.the portal offers 126 Specialist Doctors for you to select from. can learn the diagnosis and receive a teleconsultation by using online booking.

4.Fourthly, you can obtain the medications from the closest pharmacy by downloading Prescriptions.

eSanjeevani Registration

To create an account on the portal, you must adhere to the detailed application process listed below:.

Step-1:go to the portal E Sanjeevani official website.

Step-2:Choose the “Patient Registration” on homepage.

Step-3:E Sanjeevani Enrollment

Step-4:You’ll see a new webpage on your screen.

Step-5:Your mobile number must be entered.

Step-6:You’ll receive an OTP on your mobile device.

Step-7:You must select the “Send OTP” option in order to obtain the OTP.

Step-8:Enter the obtained OTP.

Step-9:You’ll see the registration page on your screen.

Step-10:Complete all the fields.

Step-11:Request a consultation token.

Step-12:Upload any relevant medical records.

Step-13:An SMS will be sent to you with the patient ID and token.

eSanjeevani Login

Step-1:You must now log in using the “Patient Login” tab found on the homepage of the  eSanjeevani OPD Portal.

Step-2:Your screen will show the login page.

Step-3:Enter the token number and the patient’s ID or mobile number.

Step-4:Press the “Login” button.

Step-5: The platform will successfully allow you to log in.

Step-6:You must enter the clinic’s name in order to schedule an appointment.

Step-7:You will be assigned a serial number if there are appointments ahead of yours; if not, you will be the only person in the clinic.

eSanjeevani Appointment

To schedule a visit with your physician, you must adhere to the easy steps listed below, one by one:

Step-1:You will be given a serial number once you have successfully logged in to the portal and searched for your clinic.

Step-2:As soon as your serial number arrives, eSanjeevani OPD assigns you to a doctor, and the “CALL NOW” button is activated.

Step-3:To receive a call from your doctor in less than 120 seconds, you must click the button.

Step-4:You will schedule a visit with your physician if you are able to click the button.

Step-5:There will be a media call to make the appointments.

eSanjeevani Consultation

A step-by-step guide outlining the consultation process with your doctor is provided below:

Step-1:You can review the thorough consultation that your physician conducted.If you have uploaded any prior medical records, your doctor will have complete access to them during your video call with them.

Step-2:Additionally, the physician will create an electronic prescription tailored to your condition.

Step-3:The doctor will give you an electronic prescription and end the call when your consultation is over.

Step-4:Additionally, you can store and print your prescription.

After your consultation is over, you can log off of the platform. The patient receives an SMS notification from eSanjeevani OPD containing a download link for ePrescription.

eSanjeevani Patient Profile

Step-1:Start by visiting the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India’s official website.

Step-2: Before you, the main page will

Step-3: You must click on the patient profile on the homepage.

Step-4:At this point, you must enter your mobile number.

Step-5:You then need to select Send OTP.

Step-6:At this point, the OTP must be entered into the OTP box.

Step-7:The profile of the patient will appear in front of you.

Step-8:You can download prescriptions and add or modify family members from this page.

eSanjeevani Timings

Step-1:Visit the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare’s official website, run by the Indian government.

Step-2:The main screen will appear before you

Step-3:You have to click on timings on the homepage.

Step-4:Watch Timings

Step-5:The list of all the states will now appear on a new page that has been directed to you.

Step-6:To access your state’s link, click on it.

Step-7:The OPD timings will appear on your computer screen.

eSanjeevani Contact Authority

1.Visit the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India’s official website first.

2.The main page will appear in front of you

3.We had to click the “Contact The Concerned Authorities” link on the main page.

4.You will now be presented with a new page where you must enter the necessary information, including your name, email address, mobile number, town, city, state, and message.

5.Next, you must select “Submit.”

6.By going through this process, you can get in touch with the relevant authorities.


We have given you all the pertinent information about e-Sanjeevani through this article. In order to resolve your issues if you are still having trouble, you can email the relevant authorities or call the helpline number.

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