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Train PNR Status Check : You can check your PNR Status of your train which you have booked online by any medium. PNR Status of Train confirms that whether the birth you chose is confirmed or not, waitlisted or Reservation against cancellation station (RAC) Status. PNR Status gives a detailed view of your Seat Number, Coach Number, boarding time of the train and arrival time of your destination.

In this article we will make you understand that how you can check your train pnr status online with help of your booked ticket. It is very necessary that you should know to check your train pnr status online. Read this post till end to know to to check Train PNR Status and for more such content please visit this website regularly.

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Train PNR Status

PNR status check

Full FormPassenger Name Record
Mode of CheckingOnline
DetailsBooking Status, Seat Number, Boarding Time
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Generally When you book train tickets you get PNR Number by which you can find all the details about your journey. PNR is unique number which is assigned to every ticket booky by passenger and through PNR number you get to know about the ticket confirmation status. PNR consist of 10 digits which gives a brief information about the train and passenger.

Along with the train ticket booking status you can also know whether a train you booked is on time or not, Schedule of the Train, Train Starting Point and Destination of the train. So whenever you book any train ticket in future, do not forget to note down you PNR Number so that in case you lost the ticket you can check the train time using your PNR.

Methods to Check PNR Status

There are multiple methods by those you can check your train pnr status. You can use any one of these as per your convenience.

PNR Status Enquiry by App : There are several tourism websites which planned journey on your behalf. These websites have mobile app which facilitates to check your PNR Status. You can use Make My Trip, Goibibo or any other such mobile app to check your PNR Status.

PNR Status Enquiry by SMS : Indian Railways provides two methods to inquire about your PNR. You have the option to either send a message to ‘139,’ a 3-digit number designated by IRCTC, or send an SMS to 5676747 to receive your PNR train status directly in your inbox. It’s important to note that there is a fee of INR 3 per message when using these provided numbers.

How to Check Train PNR Status ?

Checking Train PNR Status in not a tough task to do. You can follow the below simple steps to check your train PNR status.

Step 1) Note down your PNR Number from the ticket, It must be 10 digit long

Step 2) Now Visit the official website of Indian Rail (Click Here)

Step 3) Now Enter your PNR Number in the box given

Check PNR Status

Step 4) Now Click on Submit Button

Step 5) All the information related to your journey will be seen to you, save the information for future use.

Details Mentioned on PNR Status

Here are all the details which you get on PNR Status :

  • Passenger information includes their name, selected berth, age, and gender.
  • Additionally, it encompasses seat type, chosen berth, reservation category, train number, travel date, destination station, originating station of the train, and the boarding station’s name.
  • The transaction type, transaction particulars, and ticket fare are also part of the details.
  • The initial digit of the PNR is determined by the train’s zone in relation to its point of origin.

PNR Status Enquiry 

PNR Status enquiry can be done using above methods. PNR Status enquiry refers to the process to check the status of your booked ticket. This inquiry provides you the confirmation status of your your ticket, seat number, train arrival and departure time. To enquire about the PNR status you can visit irctc or indian railways website. Alternatively you can also use many mobile apps for this enquiry.

PNR Full Form

PNR is 10 digit unique number which stands for Passenger Name Record. As the name suggest it gives a brief detail of the passenger which is travelling by train. This is very helpful for the passenger as using it you can check the details of journey. You should check your PNR status of train whenever you are using railways as a mode of transport.

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