Instagram Story, Reels, Post Download High Quality ( Private Account)

Instagram Story Download : Sometimes you found some very creative, attractive and unique reels or story on Instagram then you want to download it in your device so that you can rewatch it later. So here is Instagram Story downloader Tool which can be used to save high quality pictures and reels which may belong to public or private account and without watermark. Along with tool we have also discussed what is the process of saving or downloading story or reels from insta.

Downloading story or reels is made very easy, you only need to have the link of the reel or story and you can hit the down button to save the story in high quality pixels. Download Instagram reels/ Download Insta story/ Insta story download high quality.

Instagram Story Download –

Instagram story are the ones which are posted by users which last long for 24 hours. If you found somebody else’s interesting then you can save it in your device. You need to have the exact username of the account for which you want to save the story. When you enter the username of the instagram account you will find the latest shared story by the user, you need to chose one if you multiple story from the account and finally click on download button.

Download Instagram Story

Get Started

Step 1) Click on the Get Started Button

Step 2) Now Enter the Instagram User Name

Step 3) Select Story or Highlight you want to download

Step 4) Now Click on Save As button to save Story in your Mac, iOS, Android or Laptop

Insta Story Download High Quality –

Insta Stories are the combination of photos and videos which you want to share with rest of the people but these stories last long for only 24 hours and if you want to last them forever then you can download them in your device using website which allow users to save their stories lifelong.

Here are quick steps you can follow to save insta story in your android and windows.

Step 1) Open your Instagram app and login to your account on PC or Android Phone

Step 2) Now open the story you want to download and click on three horizontal dots and copy the story link

Step 3) Now visit website and paste the link on the given place

Step 4) Now hit the download button and select the story which you want to download

Step 5) Now you will see Download button below every of your story and photos so select it and hit the save button and within no time story will be saved to your phone

For downloading Stories in Mac or iPhone just follow these steps :

Step 1) Open you account and copy the link of the story which you want to save

Step 2) Click on three dots to copy the link

Step 3) Now visit the website in safari browser and paste the link which you just copied

Step 4) Once you paste the link hit the download button and as soon as you hit the download button you will see all the stories which you have posted

Step 5) Now select the story and click on save button which is shown just below the story

Note: If you found any kind of error in downloading the story then you can just clear the cache and browsing history of your device.

Instagram Story Video Download – is popular tool which is used by the users to save the Instagram Story. This is one of the best website which is used my millions of people to save their memories for future use and also you can download other’s stories also. One of the best story saver across the web as it does not keep the records of the link you paste so there is no harm to your personal details in future. Here is the quick guide how you can save your Insta Story.

Step 1) Tap the thumbnail for your story, now you will see three dots in corner of the story, click on them and copy the link from there.

Step 2) Now Open igram Insta story saver website

Step 3) paste the link on the given place and press download button

Step 4) Select the Quality of the Story you want to download – 480p, 720p or 1080p

Step 5) Select the story you want to download and story will be downloaded in your device

Instagram Reels/Videos Download allow you to download Instagram videos, reels in mp4 format in high picture quality. You can save anyone’s post and it does not matter whether it is private or public account. You only need a browser where you can visit this website and download your instagram post.

As we know millions of people share their life moments on Instagram and keep on posting millions of post which includes videos too but Instagram does not allow users to save them these videos in their device but you can use to download Instagram reels and videos.

How to download Instagram reels or Videos ?

Step 1) Open up your Instagram account, now open the reel or video you want to download in your device

Step 2) Now visit and paste the link On Instagram Video Downloader page

Step 3) Once you paste the link, preview of your video will be shown to you

Step 4) After confirming, do select the Quality of the Reel

Step 5) Now you can hit the download button

Instagram Private Videos/ Photos Download

You can easily download the public account Instagram videos but you can’t download private account video directly even when each of you follow each other. You need to put some extra efforts to download private account stories and photos.

Download Private Video

Step 1) First copy the link of the private account picture or video

Step 2) Now Visit saveinsta. app website and Open ” Private Downloader ” Page

Step 3) Now you will get the link, copy it and paste that link in new tab of the same browser

Step 4) You will get source code on that page, copy the whole code

Step 5) Return to Private video downloader page

Step 6) Now paste that page source code in given box ( as shown in above page)

Step 7) Finally hit the download button and post will be downloaded in your device.


Q.1 How many Instagram Video we can download for free ?

You can download unlimited number of videos, post or Insta story without paying any charge.

Q.2 does these downloaded Videos or Post include Watermark ?

No, when you download your Instagram Photos, you will not find any watermark on them

Q.3 Can be downloaded High Quality Pictures from Instagram ?

Yes these tools provide best picture quality for downloaded videos and post

Q.4 Where are Instagram Videos are saved in device after download ?

These images, videos or reels are saved in Download section of your device. Open up your download section and you will find your downloaded content

Q.5 Can we download images directly from Instagram ?

No, Instagram does not allow users to download directly so you need to use these third party application for saving your images

Q.6 is there any privacy issue while downloading Instagram Videos, Pictures or reels ?

Actually you paste the link of the account from which you want to save pictures. Most of the people think that these websites keep the track of the account but let us inform you that these saying are just myth and your privacy is 100 percent secure.

Q.7 Can be download Private Account Pictures or videos ?

For greater reason, Yes you can download Private account pictures or videos. But you need to put some extra efforts for this act.

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