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Driving License Apply online: If you plan to drive a car on Indian roads , you must obtain a valid driver’s license in Delhi and other states according to the Motor Vehicles Act. The Transport Department is in charge of car registration and the issuance of both temporary (learner’s) and permanent driver’s licenses. If you are found driving without a valid license, you can be imprisoned or subject to hefty fines hence you can do is driving license apply 2023.

Thankfully, obtaining a driving license in Delhi is a straight forward process that can be easily completed online.

Types of driving License in India

There are four different kinds of driver’s licenses available:
Learner’s License (LL): In order to apply for a commercial or permanent license, you must have a learner’s license. The applicant and permanent license may be applied for either one month following the LL’s issuance or thirty days following its expiration. This is valid for six months from the date of issuance.

Permanent Driver’s License: This is necessary for private transportation needs, including driving a child to school or another person shopping. This is good for 20 years, or until the applicant becomes 50, whichever comes first.

Commercial driver’s license: It is required in order to move goods in a medium-, light-, or heavy-duty vehicle (MGV), as well as to transport passengers in a heavy-passenger motor vehicle (HPMV). This is valid for three years.

An international driving permit: It is only good for a year, is necessary in order to drive in foreign
countries. After it expires, candidates must reapply because it cannot be renewed.

Driving license Apply Register Online 

The steps that need to be taken in order to apply online for a DL are listed below:

Step 1: Go to parivahan.gov and click.
Step 2: Choose the “Driving License Related Services” option under the online services page.
Step 3: select the state you want to apply from.
Step 4: Option is to selected ” apply for driving license”.
Step 5: Fill out the application information.
Step 6: Upload the required documents as scanned copies.
Step7: Submit the application and pay.
Step 8: Schedule a time for your driver’s license exam
Step 9: Show up for the test at the scheduled time.
Step 10: If the candidate passes the exam, their driver’s license is sent to their home.

Driving License Apply 2023 Offline Guide

The steps involved in applying for a DL offline are as follows:
• The application for an Indian driving license, is what you need to obtain. The Form is available for download on the official website of state transportation. As an alternative, you can obtain Form 4 by going to the closest RTO.

• Complete the application and bring it to the closest RTO together with any supporting documentation, such as proof of address and proof of age.
• Send in the application cost and Decide a suitable time to take the driving test

•In the RTO Office, administer the test.
• After you are able to pass the test, you will receive a driver’s license.

Qualifications for a Driving License Apply 2023

The following are the requirements for eligibility to obtain a driver’s license that match the various kinds of vehicles:
Types Rules

Type of VehicleEligibility
• Vehicles with 50cc engines that are gearbox-free  16 years old and with parental approval
• Automobiles with gears  Eighteen years old
• Commercial automobiles Twenty years old (18 years old in certain states)ought to have finished schooling up to the eighth grade.
Training should come from a government-run or
government-affiliated facility.


Document needed to apply for a driving license Apply 2023
The paperwork needed to apply for a driver’s license is as follows:

To prove your age, choose any of the following:
• Certificate of Birth
• a certificate of graduation from school
• Authenticated passport copy
• Card Pane
• The passport

 To prove of your address:
• Voter Identity
• Food Card
• a valid passport
• Bond for LIC policy
• Pay-slips from the State or Federal Government

Further records:
• Learner’s permit
• Form 4: Application
• Use Application Form 5 for commercial driver’s record.
• Three pictures the size of passports

The following are the necessary documents for your car that you must submit with your application
for a driver’s license:
• Certificate of Registration
• Proof of auto insurance
• Certificate of fitness (for transport vehicles)
• Proof of tax payment

Fees of Driving License Apply

The fee can be paid online or with an SBI challan. The following lists the DL costs for the various license

Description cost
Change of Address Rs.200
Issue of a Learner’s License (LL)Rs.150
Test Fee (LL) Rs.50
Issue of driver License Rs.200
Int’l driving license issue Rs.1000
Renewing a driver’s license Rs. 200


News About Driving License:

According to the order, the DTO’s headquarters will be the licensing body for any non -following of rules. Driving license to be revoked if bus lane discipline is broken three times.

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