PM KISAN Registration,15th Installment, exclusion, Beneficiary list ,Status…

A Central Sector Scheme called the Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi (PM-Kisan) offers income support to the families of Indian landholding farmers. Through this program, farmers can obtain additional funding to meet their domestic needs as well as various inputs related to agriculture and related activities.

All families of landholding farmers with cultivable lands are supported financially by PM-Kisan. The Government of India provides all funding for this scheme. It seeks to assist farmers in meeting their financial needs for agricultural inputs in order to maintain healthy crops and a suitable yield.

PM Kisan Scheme Overview

The State Government and the UT administration identify the farmer families who qualify for financial assistance under the scheme’s guidelines. After identifying them, the money is transferred straight to the beneficiaries’ bank accounts under this scheme.

Nature of SchemeCentral Sector Scheme
MinistryMinistry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare
DepartmentDepartment of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare
Effective date01.12.2018
Amount6000 per year
BeneficiarySmall and Marginal Farmer
Transfer ModeOnline
Helpline Number011-24300606

PM KISAN Registration,15th Installment, exclusion, Beneficiary list ,Status...

PM Kisan Eligibility

1.All landholder farmers’ families are qualified to receive benefits under this program.

2.The scheme guidelines define the landholder farmers’ family as a family of a husband, wife, and any minor children who own cultivable land according to the land records of the respective state or UT.

3.The beneficiaries are determined by applying the current land ownership system.

PM KISAN Scheme Benefit

This scheme provides income support of Rs.6,000 per year to all farmer families with cultivable land in their names, regardless of the size of their landholdings.

Each year, Rs. 6,000 is given out in the following three equal installments:


PM kisan Exclusion Category

The following beneficiary categories, who fall into the higher economic status category, will not be able to receive benefits under the scheme.

1.Every landowner in an institution.

2. Farming households that fit into one or more of the following categories:

 2.1Holders of constitutional positions, both current and former.

 2.2 Ministers, both current and past; state ministers; mayors of municipal corporations; chairpersons of district panchayats; members of the Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha, State Legislative Assemblies, and State Legislative Councils.

 2.3 All current and former staff members of Central and State government departments, offices, and ministries, as well as their field teams, Central and State PSEs, affiliated offices, independent institutions under government, and local body employees. (Not including employees in Group D, Class IV, and Multitasking Staff).

 2.4 Everyone who paid income tax in the previous assessment year, including retired or superannuated pensioners with a monthly pension of at least Rs. 10,000 (excluding Class IV, Multi Tasking Staff, and Group D employees).

2.5 Professionals who have registered with professional bodies, such as engineers, doctors, chartered accountants, lawyers, and architects, practice what they do for a living.

PM Kisan Registration Process

The following is the process for registering online for the  scheme:

STEP-1:Visit the PM Kisan website.

STEP-2:Click on the “New Farmer Registration” link after swiping down to the “Farmers Corner.”

STEP-3: The “New Farmer Registration Form” page will open as a result. The registration page will verify if the farmer is already registered on the portal or not.

STEP-4:The farmer must choose “Rural Farmer Registration” or “Urban Farmer Registration,” enter their Aadhar number, choose their state from a drop-down menu, complete the captcha, and then click “Search” in order to be verified.

STEP-5:Should the farmer’s details not be located in the database, the page will ask “if you want to register yourself” in addition to displaying the confirmation. The ‘Yes’ tab must be clicked by the farmer.

STEP-6:Once the registration form opens, the farmer must fill it out with their banking and personal information before clicking “save.”

The farmer must finish the registration process by following the directions on the page.

PM Kisan Document Required

1.Aadhaar card

2.Evidence of nationality

3.Documents attesting to land ownership

4.Bank account information

PM KISAN Application Status Check

Following the steps below, farmers can verify the status of their registration after submitting their PM-Kisan application online via the Portal or through the CSC:

STEP-1:Visit the PM-Kisan website.

STEP-2:To view the status of self-registered or CSC farmers, scroll down to the “Farmers Corner” and select the appropriate option.

STEP-3:After entering the “Aadhaar Number” and the “Image code” (Captcha code), press the “Search” button.

The registration application’s submitted status will be shown.

PM KISAN 15th Installment Date

  • The PM Kisan Status 2023 can be viewed online at for the  15th Installment Date beginning on November 27, 2023.
  • The Honorable Shri Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India, will release the 15th installment on November 27, 2023,
  • It will show up in the accounts of 28 lakh enrolled farmers across the country. Since farmers are the backbone of our economy, the Indian government offers several initiatives, among them the now-popular PM Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana 2023.

PM KISAN Beneficiary List

The Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare has created the  Beneficiary List 2023, which lists eligible applicants by name and registration number. Former beneficiaries’ names are typically disclosed, and those enrolling this year must verify. To receive installments from your bank account, you need to be a beneficiary.

Check the Registration Status online and remove the anomaly from your application form if the name is not on the beneficiary list. If this application is accepted, you will receive benefits from the plan.

PM KISAN Beneficiary Status

The list of PM-Kisan beneficiaries is made public by the government on the PM-Kisan website. The farmers can check their PM-Kisan status on the portal once they have registered. The beneficiaries of this scheme will be the farmers whose names are on the beneficiary list. The following is the process for checking the status of a PM-Kisan:

STEP-1:Visit the  official website.

STEP-2:Navigate to “Farmers Corner” and select “Beneficiary Status” by scrolling down.

STEP-3:It will open the “Beneficiary Status” page.

STEP-4:Click “Get Data” after entering the Aadhar number, account number, mobile number, and captcha.

STEP-5:All of the PM-Kisan beneficiary’s transaction data will be displayed when you click the “Get Data” button.

PM KISAN Online Refund

The process of making Online Refund is given below in a step-by-step manner, which is as follows-

STEP-1:First of all, visit the official website, then click on the online refund option present in the former corner of the homepage.

STEP-2: choose the option to refund.

STEP-3:Select any one option among Aadhaar number, account number, mobile number and fill the information in the box and click on “Get Details”.

STEP-4:Now on the new page you will get all the details of this scheme, after this you can click on “Refund” and enter all the required information like email ID, mobile number, bank details etc. and make the refund online.

PM KISAN Credit Card

The beneficiaries can apply for KCC cards and receive low-interest short-term loans under the KCC cards. The loans made available to farmers under the KCC card give them a credit limit to cover other expenses as well as equipment purchases.

The following characteristics of the Kisan credit card,

loans with flexible repayment options; inbuilt crop insurance coverage; low interest rates ranging from 2% to 4%; collateral-free loans up to Rs. 3 lakh.

The steps listed below can be used by  scheme beneficiaries to apply for PM-Kisan credit cards:

STEP-1:Visit the PM-Kisan website.

STEP-2:Navigate to the “Farmers Corner” section and select the “Download KCC Form” option.

STEP-3:Farmers must download the “Agricultural Credit Loan Application Form for PM-Kisan Recipients” themselves.

STEP-4:Complete all of the form’s fields. Farmers must fill out the form with the option “Issue of fresh KCC,” located under option “B,” in order to apply for KCC cards.

After Completion farmer should his form to the bank along with necessary documents.
The KCC card will be provided by the bank after processing the request.


In order for farmers registered under PM-Kisan to receive their installments under the program, the government has made e-KYC mandatory.
Farmers were now able to complete Aadhar-based eKYC via OTP authentication on the PM-Kisan portal, thanks to government approval. The following are the series of steps for completing eKYC .

STEP-1:Go to the PM-Kisan website.

STEP-2:Navigate to the “Farmers Corner” section and select the “eKYC” option.

STEP-3:After inputting the Aadhaar number, press the “Search” button.

STEP-4:The registered mobile number will receive an OTP and submit it.

.In order to complete e-KYC, farmers can visit the closest CSC centers for biometric authentication.

PM KISAN Aadhar Link

To benefit from the scheme, farmers must have an Aadhaar card.
Farmers who do not have an Aadhaar card cannot obtain or register as beneficiaries under the  scheme.
Only the Aadhaar-seeding database is necessary to release the installment.


Farmers should check their eligibility and register themselves to get the benefit of the scheme and receive the amount of Rs.2000 as soon as possible. This scheme will give confidence to the farmer regrading the government support at their back.

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