Boat Smart Ring Launched: Price, Features, Availability

BoAt Smart Ring has officially debuted in India after being announced a month ago. Now, we have formal information about this new wearable technology. With capabilities currently found on smartwatches and fitness trackers, it hopes to redefine wearable tracking. For those who prefer traditional watches to a smart gadget on their wrist for tracking their health parameters, smart rings may be a decent substitute.

The basic health and fitness features that come with a smartwatch are included with Boat Smart Ring also. Along with that, it also possesses a few specialized talents. Additionally, we found several screenshots of the associated app interface in some boAt Ring app store listings last week. In order to access the stats and controls, you can utilize this BoAt Ring app while wearing the ring.

Boat Smart Ring Launched: Price, Features, Availability

BoAt Smart Ring smart touch control

One characteristic of BoAt Ring is how it can be used and interacted with using simple swipes and touches. It facilitates single-handed usage.

The following are the BoAt touch control features:

  • Music Controls: During music playback, you can pause, resume, and switch songs using your fingertip.
  • Take images: You can capture images by using the remote shutter control on your linked phone. It is practical for shooting pictures of large gatherings because the phone may be held at a distance and the picture taken when the frame is perfect.
  • Navigate applications:The BoAt Ring may be used to swipe through short-form video apps. The business has not released a list of compatible apps or the actions that turn on specific features.

BoAt Smart Ring health and other features

  • With the BoAt Ring, you can keep an eye on your body temperature, SpO2, sleep, and heart rate. You may keep track of your exercise routine, steps taken, and calories burned.
  • In an emergency, the BoAt Ring can start SOS calls, which could be a life-saving function.
  • The BoAt Smart Ring is offered in three sizes: 17.40mm, 19.15mm, and 20.85mm. They are built with premium ceramic and metallic materials. It is 5ATM water resistant down to a 50-meter depth.
  • The business promotes a 7-day battery life and offers “smart” charging utilizing a dedicated charger.

Price and Availability

It costs Rs 8,999 to get the Boat Smart Ring. Starting on August 28, the smart ring will be sold online at Amazon and Flipkart. The wearable will be available in three sizes: 7, 9, and 11, each having a diameter of 17.40, 19.15, and 20.85mm.

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Boat Smart Ring Vs Noise Luna Ring

The yet-to-launch Noise Luna Ring will be a rival to the Boat Smart Ring. Noise sees the smart ring as a facilitator for mental health, seamlessly integrating technology into users’ daily lives. This cutting-edge ring offers three crucial indicators: sleep, readiness, and activity. These measurements are intended to convey intelligent data to improve users’ overall well-being. The Luna Ring’s cutting-edge sensors and sturdy construction enable users to make practical lifestyle changes based on knowledge.


With Oura being the most well-known brand, the market for smart rings is mostly untapped. These more recent varieties of wearable technology may one day replace fitness bands and smartwatches. According to different trademark applications, Samsung has apparently been working on a smart ring, which has been mentioned in the headlines.

Many of the smart rings on the market are only available in a few places. Only Ultrahuman sells a smart ring in India. With the formal release of its smart ring by domestic brand boAt, this is about to change. Noise will probably introduce its Luna Ring now that the BoAt Smart Ring is accessible, and some people might also be interested in rings from Apple and Samsung.

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