Top 10 new features of Android 14

Features of Android 14: With each new iteration, Android continues to push the boundaries of mobile operating systems, offering enhanced functionality, improved user experiences, and innovative features. Android 14 is no exception to this trend.

Set to be released in the near future, Android 14 brings a host of exciting new features and enhancements that promise to enrich the way we use our mobile devices. In this article, we explore the top 10 new features in Android 14 that are set to reshape the Android experience.

Top 10 new features of Android 14

Lockscreen Customizations

The customisation option is one of the key additions to Android 14. As the name implies, lockscreen customizations let you alter the appearance of your lockscreen.

This includes adjusting the app shortcuts that appear in the lower corners of your lockscreen and modifying the way your clock appears on the lockscreen. If everything goes according to plan for Google, they should be included in the stable Android 14 iteration that is scheduled for release next month.

However, we hope the final versions of the lock screen clock styles end up looking more vibrant rather than the flat-looking variants because they weren’t the loveliest ones displayed at I/O.

Magic Compose

Although Magic Compose was supposed to be on Pixels this Summer, it has already begun to trickle out to Google One subscribers in the Messages Beta. Magic Compose in the Messages app lets you write text messages in various moods, much like the “Help me write” AI generative features that Google demonstrated at I/O 2023 and will later appear in Google’s Workspace apps.

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It appears to be quite cool based on the peek Google displayed during I/O. The preview of Magic Compose shows a variety of rewrites for the text message “Wanna grab dinner,” starting with content that adds enthusiasm and ending with writing that sounds lyrical or Shakespearean.

Because it is obvious that Google is trying to get more people to start using RCS and Google Messages in general, we truly hope that this eventually makes it to Gboard as well. This feature is exclusive to Pixel devices.

Android 14 Easter Egg

The long-awaited Android 14 Beta 4 update was finally released by Google, and it added a few new features, including the Easter Egg for Android 14, which takes us to a game (!?). You can test it out if you’re already using Android 14 Beta 4 by navigating to Settings > About Phone > Android version and then tapping it three times.

The Easter Egg should then appear, and while it might seem generic at first, it actually contains a hidden game that you can access by pressing and holding the Android 14 logo as it begins to zoom and provide haptic input.

When you’ve kept it for a certain amount of time, you can play a game in which you control a rocket while looking for seven bodies. Quite cool.

Auto-confirm unlock

Recall the hassle of having to press the “tick” button to unlock the gadget after inputting the passcode? Never again! due to the addition of the Auto-confirm unlock feature in Android 14 Beta 4. It does precisely as its name implies, unlocking your cellphone using the proper passcode without requiring you to tap any buttons.

But keep in mind that this only functions for passcodes with six digits. Go to Settings > Security and Privacy > Device unlock > Gear Icon to enable this option. Turn on automatic unlock confirmation. Pretty clever, no?

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Notification Flashlight

For those who frequently check their phones in a noisy setting where they can’t hear a notice or for persons with hearing impairments, turning on the notice Flashes feature is quite helpful. Go to Settings -> Display -> Flash notifications -> Toggle on Camera Flash and/or Screen Flash to enable or disable the feature.

You can select a color for Screen Flashes and watch a preview before exiting the popup to see how it will appear.

Ringtone and Notification Volume

If you’ve used an older version of Android, you might recall that there was only one volume setting for both ring and notification volume. This led to an odd situation where, for example, if you wanted your phone to ring a little more quietly, your notifications would follow suit.

This made it difficult for users to recognize when they received alerts. This problem is resolved in Android 14 by segregating the notification and ring volumes.

Speaking of loudness, the crossed bell image for “silent” mode has been replaced with a crossed speaker icon. Significant modifications in a minor bug.

Material You Updated

Building on the success of Material You introduced in Android 12, Android 14 takes customization to the next level. Users can now create personalized themes, not only for their device’s interface but also for individual apps. This means your device will truly reflect your unique style and preferences.

Photo Picker 

A previous version of Photo Picker required you to provide the app access to your entire photo collection just to upload one image. This raises privacy issues because giving an app access to your whole library is a bad idea. Using the Photo Picker function, Android 14 finds a solution to this issue.

You can select only specific photographs using the new interface, making sure that the program doesn’t have access to all of your photos. Nevertheless, widely used applications like WhatsApp don’t yet make use of the Photo Picker API.

After the API has been successfully used, WhatsApp offers you to enable (permit always) permission rather than letting you choose photos by asking each time. But once Android 14 is widely available, Android apps should quickly implement the Photo Picker API.

Camera and Battery Life Improvements

Improvements to general Quality of Life (QoL) are always included in new Android versions, and Android 14 is no exception. According to Google, Android 14 is more battery-efficient and has several internal and UI quality of life changes to give users a better experience.

Similar to this, Android 14 introduces new camera extensions that improve image quality and post-processing efficiency. Given that the Tensor G2 chip used in Pixel smartphones also delivers several advancements to the Camera section, this should be more evident on those devices.

Charging Pill

The most recent Android 14 Beta release has a brand-new user interface (UI) feature that displays a fun animated pill as soon as you connect in your device to charge. This UI was mistakenly made public via the Android Beta Twitter account, which Mishaal discovered first.

Although tapping on the pill doesn’t do anything remarkable, it is a cool UI tweak that closely resembles the latest Material You modifications.

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Some other features of Android 14

One-Handed Mode

One-handed mode is a much-anticipated feature in Android 14. It reimagines how users interact with larger smartphone screens, making it easier to reach UI elements with one hand. Users can activate this mode with a simple gesture or button press.

Notification Revamp

Android 14 streamlines notifications with a redesigned layout and grouping. Notifications will be more organized and easier to manage, with an emphasis on prioritizing important messages and minimizing distractions.

AI-Powered Suggestions

Android 14 leverages AI to provide intelligent suggestions throughout the user experience. Whether it’s suggesting actions in the app drawer or predicting which apps you’ll use next, these AI-driven recommendations enhance user productivity.

Better Game Mode

For mobile gamers, Android 14 brings significant improvements to the Game Mode. Gamers can expect reduced input latency, better performance optimization, and enhanced tools for screen recording and sharing their gaming experiences.

To know more about Andoid 14, Go to the official website of Android 14.


Android 14 continues to solidify Android’s reputation as a forward-looking and user-focused mobile operating system. With its emphasis on customization, privacy, and productivity, it brings a range of features that cater to the diverse needs of Android users.

As the digital world evolves, Android 14 ensures that users have the tools and experiences they need to navigate it seamlessly. So, as you anticipate the arrival of this exciting update, get ready to embrace a new era of Android innovation that promises to make your mobile experience more personalized, secure, and enjoyable than ever before.

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