Rec limited Dividend , Announcement date, Ex Date, Payment Date, Payment History

Rec limited Dividend Formerly known as Rural Electrification Corporation Limited, REC Limited is a government-owned business that specializes in funding and advancing rural electrification initiatives in India. Being a government-owned company, REC Limited Dividend payment is their essential element .

Depending on the company’s financial performance and its choice to distribute profits to shareholders, REC Limited may pay different dividends to its shareholders each year. If you are a shareholder of REC Limited and need more information or would like to know the dividend payout for a particular year, you have come to the right place . Lets’s check about Rec limited Dividend payment .

Rec ltd Dividend 2023

REC Limited has announced a massive 35% dividend for its shareholders. The board of REC Ltd. has also set the record date, ex-date, and dividend payment date, per an exchange filing.
Every dividend is determined and disbursed based on the equity shares’ face value. Shares of REC Ltd currently have a face value of Rs 10. In light of this, the 35% dividend equals Rs 3.50 per share. The state-run corporation has declared its second interim dividend for the current fiscal year, 2023–24.
                      Rec limited Dividend , Announcement date, Ex Date, Payment Date, Payment History

REC Ltd Dividend 2023 Announcement

The company announced on the BSE, “Declaration of 2nd interim dividend of Rs 3.50 per equity share of Rs 10 each for the financial year 2023-24.”

The record date for deciding whether or not shareholders are entitled to participate in the corporate action has already been set by REC Ltd.

Furthermore, the official indicated that the record date for the said interim dividend is Monday, November 13, 2023.

REC Ltd Dividend 2023 Ex Date

On November 13, the shares of REC Ltd. will become ex-date for the payment of a 35 percent dividend.

It is significant that since January of this year, the cut-off date and the ex-date for all Corporate Acts have coincided, as all instruments have been moved to the T+1 settlement cycle.

REC Ltd Dividend Payment Date

The petition states that eligible shareholders will receive their 35 percent dividend payment by November 30 at the latest.

BSE analytics shows that during the last three months, shares of REC Ltd have increased by 55%, while those of S&P BSE Financial Services have decreased by 2%. Over the last six months, the stock has returned a whopping 125%, and year-to-date, it has returned 154%.

The share price of REC has increased by a staggering 196% in the past year. The last three years have seen a 291% increase in investor wealth thanks to the scrip.

REC ltd Dividend Payment History

Exchange data indicates that in August of this year, REC Ltd. paid out a dividend of Rs. 3 per share. The company distributed a dividend of Rs 4.35 per equity share in July and Rs 3.25 per equity share in February.

REC made three dividend payments in 2022: Rs 5 in November, Rs 4.80 in July and Rs 6 in February.

EX DateAmount of Dividend in(Rs.)
3 November 20233.5
14 August 20233
14 July 20234.35
09 February 20233.25
07 November 20225
12 July 20224.8
15 February 20226
11 November 20212.5
16 September 20211.71
13 August 20212
18 March 20215
13 November 20206
11 February 202011
11 March 201911
17 September 20181.75
15 February 20187.4
14 September 20172.65
27 February 20177
22 August 20165.1
17 February 201612
09 September 20152.7
18 February 20158
02 September 20141.75
20 February 20147.75
28 August 20131.5
08 February 20136.75
04 September 20122.5
30 January 20125
30 August 20114
11 February 20113.5
24 August 20103.5
04 January 20103
03 September 20092.5
26 February 20092
08 September 20083

Rec Ltd Profit

State-owned REC Ltd reported on Wednesday that, mostly as a result of increased revenues, additionally ,its consolidated net profit for the September quarter increased by about 39% to Rs 3,789.90 crore from the same period last year.

According to a BSE filing, the combined net profit for the quarter that concluded on September 30, 2022, was Rs 2,732.12 crore.

From Rs 9,964.00 crore during the same period last year to Rs 11,701.26 crore during the quarter, total income increased.

Rec ltd Dividend distribution factors 

Following are the factors determining Distribution of Rec ltd

The economic situation:-The Company will make an effort to hold onto a larger portion of profits in the event of uncertain or recessionary business and economic conditions in order to accumulate reserves to withstand future shocks.

Investment Markets:-The dividend payout might be generous during periods of strong market conditions. However, the Company may choose to pay out conservative dividends in order to limit cash outflows in the event of bad market conditions if credit is scarce.

Statutory Requirements and Policies:-The Company will remember the limitations set forth in the Companies Act concerning dividend declaration. Being a government-owned company, the company must also take into account the rules the Indian government has periodically set on dividend declaration.


Since Rec ltd has declared the dividend , now  it will boast the company’s performance hence will provide for better and efficient stock market performance. This step will generate an effective market and favourable sentiment towards the Rec. ltd .

By sharing profits with shareholders through dividend payments, corporations can express gratitude to them for their continued support and encourage them to hold onto their stocks.

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