UPI ATM Machine Franchise : Cost, Profit, Apply Process

UPI ATM Machine Franchise: These days, everyone wants to spend less money and build a more profitable firm. If your house or business is near a place where you believe there is a need for an ATM, you might make money every month by installing an ATM there.

As of right now, UPI ATMs are also operational, enabling cash withdrawals without an ATM card. Rapid advancements in ATM technology have increased its allure. For various ATMs, there are various fees and commissions. Take a Hitachi UPI ATM Machine franchise if you wish to launch this business.

If you want to start an ATM business, this is a guide to how much space you’ll need and how much money you’ll need to invest.

UPI ATM Machine Franchise : Cost, Profit, Apply Process

UPI ATM Machine Franchise Overview

UPI-ATM is a White Label ATM (WLA) that was jointly introduced by the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) and Hitachi Payment Services, a branch of the Japanese business Hitachi. Customers can use this Hitachi Money Spot UPI ATM to make cash withdrawals without needing a debit or credit card.

Device NameNPCI UPI ATM Machine
Developed byHitachi and NPCI
PurposeCardless Withdrawal from Bank Account
Type of MachineATM
Type of ATMWhite Label ATM (WLA)
Who Can BuyAnyone
How to UseBy UPI App
Valid UPI AppGPay, PhonePe, Paytm and all others
NPCI UPI ATM Machine FeaturesCardless Withdrawal, By Card Withdrawal, UPI to Cash and others
NPCI Websitenpci.org.in


The Hitachi Money Spot UPI ATM was unveiled during the Global Fintech Fest 2023 in Mumbai on September 5, 2023. If these UPI ATMs are made available in more locations, the days of having to carry your debit or credit cards to ATMs in order to withdraw cash would come to an end. Using UPI-compatible software, you can use a UPI-ATM to withdraw money from your bank accounts.

What is UPI ATM ?

Unified Payments Interface (UPI) ATMs are a particular kind of ATM that let consumers make withdrawals without using a real ATM card. Users can instead produce a QR code using their UPI ID and PIN, which they can then scan at the ATM to withdraw cash.

In India, UPI ATMs are a relatively recent innovation, still they are growing in popularity. This is because they have several benefits over conventional ATMs, such as:

  • They are safer because there is no possibility of your ATM card being stolen or lost.
  • They are more practical since, regardless of the bank that gave your UPI ID, you can withdraw money from any UPI ATM.
  • They are more widely distributed, particularly in distant areas, making them more accessible.

Who can take UPI ATM Machine Franchise ?

You need to have a space of between 40 and 60 square feet if you want to franchise a Hitachi ATM. It is crucial that many people continue to frequent the location of your shop every day. In other words, your store should be in a busy market.

For all major banks, Hitachi Payment Services oversees over 65,500 ATMs. Across the nation, the business operates more than 9300 white label ATMs. The Reserve Bank of India has given it a license and clearance. In 29 states and 6 union territories, Hitachi has ATMs.

There are more than 4300 towns and more than 570 districts in it. This company also provides master franchises, which let you increase your income while also allowing new franchisees to establish up nearby.

How much Investment is required ?

According to Hitachi, you need to invest about Rs 1.5 lakh if you want to launch a business using its franchise. It does, however, have a 1 lakh rupee refundable fee and a 50,000 rupee charge. This ATM allows for both cash withdrawals and cash deposits. However, if you merely want to build an ATM that extracts cash, you must deposit Rs. 1.25 lakh. While it will cost 50,000 rupees, it will have a 75,000 rupee rebate.

How much profit will UPI ATM Machine Franchise make ?

Kapanni asserts that both cash and non-cash transactions made at this ATM can easily earn you up to 50,000 rupees per month. Under the company’s Pearl ATM business model, there are numerous slabs of earnings, and they are paid in accordance with those slabs.

Up to Rs. 2001 in cash transactions, you will not receive any money. However, up till 701–1400, you will receive Rs 7 for each transaction. Up until 1401-2000 transactions, you will receive Rs. 8.5 each transaction. In addition, you won’t receive any money for transactions made after 2001. Remember that the value range for all of these transactions only goes up to Rs 2001.

You will receive Rs 4 for each transaction up to 700 if your ATM generates more than Rs 2001 in transactions. Transactions from 701 to 1400 will receive 8 rupees each at the same time. Additionally, you will receive Rs 9.5 every transaction up till 1401-2000 transactions. You would receive Rs 10.5 each transaction if you make more than 2000 transactions.

You will still profit if transactions using your ATM are not cash-based. Up to 1400 non-cash transactions, you would receive 1 rupee each. On more than 1400 non-cash transactions, you will receive 2 rupees each transaction concurrently. This income is merely an idea. Additionally, earnings at various ATM kinds vary.

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