US Military Pay Chart 2023 2024, Budget, Spending, Ranking

US Military Pay Chart 2023 2024, Budget, Spending, Ranking: If you’re looking for the most up-to-date information on the US Military Pay Chart for 2023-2024, including details on budgets, ranks, spending, size, bases, and recent updates, you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading to stay informed about the latest changes in the US Military Pay Chart 2024.

US Military Pay Chart

US Military Pay

President Joe Biden’s administration has introduced a noteworthy 4.57% increase in the US Military Pay Chart for 2023-2024, benefiting Veterans, Enlisted Ranks, and Officers alike. To provide clarity on the pay structure for different ranks in the US Military, we’ve compiled the latest 2023-2024 US Military Pay Chart. This resource offers insights into the salary variations for Army personnel in the United States based on their ranks. It’s important to note that allowances differ for service tenures of less than 2 years and 6 years, so we’ve provided separate pay charts for each scenario. Additionally, you can also explore the US Military Officer Pay Chart for 2023-2024. We recommend reading the sections below to determine the applicable pay for your position and service duration. Typically, the US Military Budget witnesses significant annual increases, contributing to higher individual salaries.

US Military Pay Chart 2023-2024

The US Military, one of the world’s largest defense forces, boasts a global presence with various bases. For those considering a career or already serving, we offer essential information on the US Military Pay Chart 2023-2024. It’s worth noting that pay varies based on years of service and operational involvement. We’ve also outlined separate pay charts for Enlisted and Officer ranks in the US Military, Navy, and Air Force. Typically, pay starts lower with 2 years of service and increases with time and experience. The upcoming year shows a 5.2% pay increase, approved by the House of Representatives in the National Defense Authorization Act for 2024. This substantial raise reflects the government’s commitment to supporting its federal workforce. Please keep in mind that this rate change is pending final approval by the U.S. House, Senate, and the President.

US Military Pay Chart Information Overview

AboutUS Military Pay Chart
AuthorityUS Government
US Military Budget$842 Billion
Budget ExpensesMilitary, Operations and Procrement
Raise in Military4.57%

Military Pay Chart 2024

As of now, there’s no approved defense funding bill or a budget for 2024. Congress has extended temporary funding until November 17, 2023. If no budget is passed, a government shutdown looms. Regardless, military pay, BAH, and benefit increases will still be implemented. With the 2023 cost of living surge, home purchases have become challenging, and rent costs continue to rise. The pay hike offers some relief to those in the defense sector. Its chart is applicable to active Navy, Army, Air Force, Coast Guard, and Space Force members, with rates effective from January 1, 2024. It is determined by factors like pay scale, service duration, duties, and location. Stay informed for the latest updates.

US Military Pay Chart Budget

The US Military Budget for 2023-2024 ranks among the world’s largest, reaching a staggering $842 billion USD. This extensive budget encompasses various aspects, including military operations, infrastructure development, personnel salaries, and weapon procurement.

In response to ongoing global conflicts, the Joe Biden Administration has increased the budget by 4.57% this year. Furthermore, it’s crucial to note that expectations of further increases in the upcoming fiscal year are on the horizon.

It’s worth mentioning that the Defense Budget is subject to potential adjustments by the Biden Government in response to emergency situations, ensuring the nation’s security and preparedness.

US Military Enlisted Pay Chart 

Pay Grade or RankLess than 2 YearsOver 2 YearsOver 6 Years
E-1 (Less Than 4 Months)$1773NANA

US Military Monthly Pay

Pending approval, the proposed 2024 pay scale for the US Military includes:

  • E-1 (4 months of service): $2,600.60
  • E-2: $2,799.20
  • E-3 (based on service years): $2,900.90 to $3,050.60
  • E-4 (based on service years): $3,010.50 to $3,260.30
  • E-5 (based on service years): $3,100.30 to $3,250.20
  • E-6 (less than 2 years of service): $3,210

This aligns with Republican proposals to ensure a minimum annual income of $31,200 for active service members, equivalent to $15 per hour for a 40-hour workweek. Updates will follow the approval of the National Defense Authorization Act for 2024 by the U.S. House, U.S. Senate, and the president. Stay tuned for more information.

US Military Spending

The United States leads the world in defense spending, with a proposed budget of $831.781 billion in the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for Fiscal Year 2024. This funding allocation is a crucial aspect of the Department of Defense’s financial planning.

The Department of Defense divides these funds among its six sub-components. These agencies allocate their budgets through obligations, which are financial commitments made by the federal government.

In recent times, there have been concerns regarding junior enlisted members facing challenges in meeting basic needs such as food and clothing. Increasing their pay would offer relief to these junior enlisted personnel and other defense service members struggling to meet essential requirements.

How to check US Military Pay Chart 

To access the US Military Pay Chart for 2023-2024, follow these simple steps:

  • Visit the official US Military website at and patiently wait for the homepage to load.
  • Locate the “Military Pay Chart” button and click on it.
  • Choose the specific category you’re interested in.
  • On this page, you’ll find its Chart detailing compensation for both enlisted personnel and officers, categorized by years of service.
  • Download the Pay Chart for your reference and future use.

This process ensures you can easily access the latest information regarding US Military pay, making it convenient and readily available to you.

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