World Cup Points Table Updated, Standings , Net Run Rate

World Cup Points Table

Standings: The 2023 Men’s Cricket World Cup, orchestrated by the International Cricket Council (ICC), commenced on October 5th, 2023. Teams worldwide are vying for the prestigious title, making this a highly anticipated event. As the tournament unfolds, you can easily keep yourself informed by referring to the regularly updated ICC World Cup 2023 Points Table. This comprehensive table assesses teams based on their performance in terms of Matches Won, Lost, Tied, Net Run Rate (NRR), and the total points accumulated.

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The ICC World Cup 2023 Points Table rankings will play a pivotal role in determining the teams that progress to the Semi-Finals and Finals of this exhilarating cricket championship. Prepare yourself for exciting display of cricket skills and strategies.

World Cup Points table

World Cup Points Table 2023 Updated

RankTeamPlayedWonLostTied/NR PointsNET RR
1India (Q)880016+2.456
2South Africa (Q)862012+1.376
3Australia (Q)862012+0.861
4New Zealand84308+0.398
7Bangladesh (E)82604-1.420
8Sri Lanka (E)82504-1.162
9Netherlands (E)72504-1.277
10England (E)71602-1.504


India has emerged as the frontrunner, winning all seven of their matches, securing 14 points, and boasting an impressive net run rate of +2.040. South Africa closely follows with six wins out of seven matches, earning 12 points and a net run rate of +2.290.

Australia and New Zealand are also in contention, both with four wins out of six and seven matches, respectively. They have accumulated eight points each, with Australia maintaining a net run rate of +0.970 and New Zealand at +1.484. Pakistan stands at fifth place with six points, while Afghanistan is close behind with the same number of points but a lower net run rate of -0.717.

Sri Lanka, Netherlands, and Bangladesh are striving to climb up the rankings, while England is facing a tough run in the tournament. As the World Cup unfolds, these rankings are bound to change, creating excitement and anticipation among cricket enthusiasts worldwide. Stay tuned for more thrilling matches in this highly competitive tournament.

World Cup Points Table 2023 Standings

In the ongoing ICC Cricket World Cup 2023, India is leading the charge, securing the top position in the points table with a flawless record of seven wins in seven matches, amassing 14 points and an impressive net run rate of +2.040. South Africa closely follows at second place, having won six out of seven matches, accumulating 12 points and a net run rate of +2.290. Australia and New Zealand are in a neck-and-neck battle for the third spot, both with four wins and eight points each, though Australia holds the advantage with a net run rate of +0.970. The competition remains fierce, with Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Sri Lanka vying for a spot in the semi-finals, while England and Bangladesh are facing an uphill struggle to make their mark in this tournament. The Netherlands, too, continue to give it their all but face an uphill battle. The ongoing World Cup has been a thrilling spectacle, with each team striving to outdo the others in pursuit of cricketing glory.

What is Net Run Rate?

As the 2023 ICC Cricket World Cup heats up, the Net Run Rate (NRR) is grabbing the spotlight. It’s the tiebreaker that’s separating teams. Take India and Pakistan, for instance, both with the same points after two games, yet India’s in second place, and Pakistan’s in third. New Zealand leads the table with equal wins. What makes the difference? Net Run Rate, or NRR.

But what exactly is NRR? It’s a simple calculation. You find a team’s average runs per over scored in all their matches. Further you subtract the average runs per over scored against them in those matches.

To calculate the average runs scored per over, divide their total runs in tournament by the total overs they played. This number tells you a lot about a team’s performance in the World Cup.

How is Net Run Rate is Calculated?

The Net Run Rate, or NRR, essentially measures a team’s performance throughout the competition. Further the team calculates it as difference between the average runs they score and the average runs scored against them. The NRR calculation still considers the total overs available, not just the overs in which they were dismissed. Even if a team gets all out before completing their full quota of overs.

This NRR system plays a crucial role in determining rankings and breaking ties in cricket tournaments, ensuring a fair and effective way to assess teams’ overall performance.

For Example: 

The Net Run Rate divides it into two parts: Runs FOR and Runs AGAINST.

let any Team X scores 1000 runs in 150 overs, so its run rate FOR will be 1000/150 = 6.67.

and all other opponents scored 800 runs in 150 overs, so its run rate AGAINST will be 800/150 = 5.33.

Net Run Rate = For – Against = 6.67 – 5.33 = 1.34.

World Cup Points Table Favorites

As the ICC World Cup 2023 approaches, India appears to be in outstanding form. Moreover Their batsmen are consistently scoring against strong bowling line-ups, and the bowlers are taking crucial wickets. Recent victories in the Asia Cup and against Australia have boosted their confidence. However, former Pakistani cricketer Saeed Anwar offers a cautionary note. He believes that India, despite being a favorite to win the World Cup, must address certain concerns. However, Anwar highlights India’s vulnerability in dealing with small boundaries and points out their ability to perform well in death bowling situations, exemplified by S. Abbott’s performance. These factors may pose challenges on their path to victory in the upcoming tournament. Hope you all also have some favorites in this world cup. Please comment below and tell your favorites.

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