Ehrms Manav Sampada Login – Apply Leave Online, Service Book

Ehrms Manav Sampada Login: The Government of India launched the Manav Sampada Portal, in collaboration with all ministries which offers various services for the convenience of government employees. The online leave request feature on this website is a huge time saver. Through the Manav Sampada Portal, all state and central employees can access their E-service Book and apply for leave online.

You must register for the Manav Sampada Portal first before you can submit your leave request online. Employees from all states who have signed up for this portal can quickly upload their leave and have it approved. You can register for the UP Manav Sampada Portal and learn how to register as an employee in this article.

In order to help you, we’ve put together a thorough guide to Manav Sampada Portal Login, Registration, and Manav Sampada Leave Application Online. All the states have different Manav Sampada portals for their employees.

You can register for the Manav Sampada UP Portal at Manav Sampada UP. Similar to this, you can access your Manav Sampada E Service Book and submit all of your paperwork to the UP Manav Sampada Portal.

By creating an account on, you can request leave and examine your service history online.

This post includes information on the Manav Sampada App Download, the Manav Sampada Portal Registration Process, E Service Book, the Manav Sampada Portal Leave Submission, and the UP Manav Sampada Portal Leave Application Form. For more information on Manav Sampada Portal Registration and Manav Sampada Portal Login, read the article till the end.

Ehrms Manav Sampada Login Overview

Ehrms Manav Sampada Login, Apply Leave Online, Service Book

NameeHRMS Manav Sampada Portal
Launched byUttar Pradesh Government
BeneficiariesUttar Pradesh Government Employees
ObjectiveProviding all facilities to Employees Online
BenefitsLess Paper work, Short and Easy Process
CategoryUP Government Portal
Official Website – UP Manav Sampada


The Uttar Pradesh state government has made a huge effort to increase transparency and streamline many processes for employees with the creation of the eHRMS UP portal. Public employees will have simple access to all the relevant data and services thanks to this online platform. In addition to saving time, this will improve the effectiveness of the entire system.

Ehrms Manav Sampada Portal Benefits

  1. The vital service data for every employee is logged and maintained in a database accessible through the employee service book.
  2. The quick updating of promotions, changes, increments, entering, relieving, and departmental prosecutions has considerably reduced the amount of human effort needed to maintain the service book.
  3. The elimination of repetitive paperwork completed at various stages by the role-based model has resulted in speedy task completion.
  4. The query-based strategy has led to more effective decision-making for, among other things, recruiting, transitioning, and deployment of human resources.
  5. Poor record-keeping has drastically diminished as a result. The transparent framework has allowed employees to understand their service histories and report any abnormalities to the appropriate authorities.

Manav Sampada Portal Services Provided

All of the services offered on this portal are listed below: At the departmental level, alter the order format.

  • Enables workers to check their salary slip, apply for leave, access and update their personal information, and more.
  • Enables managers to oversee their personnel by granting leave requests, creating new employee records, and checking staff performance reports.
  • Monitors a worker’s advancement throughout their employment with the company, from hiring and onboarding until retirement. This involves keeping track of training and development initiatives, handling employee promotions and transfers, and more.
  • Records the number of hours worked, sick days, and absences from work by the staff.
  • Compares the performance of the workforce to the defined goals and objectives. This module can be used to make development plans, pinpoint areas that require training, and track advancement over time.
  • Creates real-time information on organizational trends, employee data, and business performance. With this module, you may both discover issues and make data-driven decisions.

A thorough HR management system that addresses every stage of the employee lifecycle, from hiring to retirement, is the Manav Sampada Portal. The portal’s goal is to increase employee productivity and assist government manage their personnel more effectively.

Manav Sampada Portal Eligibility

All employees, whether in state or federal government, are eligible to register and benefit from these benefits at or their respective state portals. The applicant must be a central or state government employee in order to qualify for registration in the Manav Samada Portal.

How to Login to Manav Sampada Portal ?

  1. First, go to the Manav Sampada’s official website (, which is displayed here.
  2. Next, on the home page, you will see the ‘eHRMS Registered State’ option, choose the state where you are working. It will take you to the respective state’s website.
  3. Next, specify the name of your department. Enter your user ID, password, and captcha code in the space provided.
  4. Then, following your click on the login button, the website will be immediately displayed to you.

Manav Sampada UP Portal Login

  1. To get started, go to the Manav Sampada’s official website. Here is the direct link for the website – Manav Sampada UP.
  2. In the top right corner, you can see the option ‘eHRMS Login’. Click on it.
  3. After that select your department and enter User ID, Password and fill captcha to proceed.
  4. Enter the OTP, After that you will be able to login successfully.

You can perform the following tasks on eHRMS Portal:

  • View your information and details.
  • Make changes to your personal data.
  • File a leave request.
  • Verify the amount of your leave.
  • Check the status of your leave application.
  • File a travel reimbursement.
  • Check the status of your trip claim.
  • Check your pay stub.
  • Save and print these crucial documents.

Manav Sampada E-Service Book

The state government offers a number of crucial services through this portal, as well as access to Manav Sampada Service Book. Through this facility, interested state beneficiaries can quickly view the Manav Sampada Service Book online while relaxing at home.

The major goal of the eHRMS Manav Sampada portal’s debut is to give employers and employees alike simple, quick access to all crucial data and services connected to personnel management.

This will facilitate better employee-employer collaboration and communication, as well as encourage openness and accountability in the handling of employee records.

The Manav Sampada Service Book is available online, but interested citizens must first log in using their employee code. Once they have logged in, they can see all the data they need to manage their employees, including their names, addresses, dates of employment, and leave histories.

How to Download E Service Book ?

  1. First go to the official website of eHRMS. It is accessed at
  2. Go to the eHRMS Login option and proceed.
  3. Use your username and password to sign in to your account.
  4. Select “Service Book” from the menu bar’s tabs.
  5. Fill in the fields with the employee’s name, title, birthdate, and appointment date.
  6. The “Download Service Book” button must be selected to download E-Service book.
  7. Download the PDF of your Service book. Print it for future use.

Ehrms Manav Sampada Apply Leave Online

People can check the status of their leave, travel, IT, and other sorts of applications on the “Application Status” tab in the eHRMS.

First Login to the portal. In the Application Status section, click the “Check Status” button next to a program to find out its current status. To learn more about finding out an application’s status, go to the eHRMS User Guide.

The “Application Status” page allows users to verify:

The state of their requests for leaves.
The state of their applications for travel.
the condition of their applications for IT.

Procedure to Upload Documents on eHRMS

The National Informatics Centre (NIC) is responsible for keeping the Manav Sampada Portal safe and secure. Users can safely and securely upload and download documents via the portal. Uploading papers to the eHRMS portal is a straightforward process.

  • First go to the official website and enter login id and password to access the website.
  • It will take you to the portal’s home page after logging in. You can see a navigation bar on the left side of the screen when viewing the main page.
  • Choose the “Upload Documents” option from the menu bar.
  • It will redirect you to a new page where they can choose which file to upload as a result.
  • The user has to click the “Upload” button after making their selection.
  • Any approved user will be able to see the document once it is uploaded to the portal.

Ehrms Manav Sampada Login : Conclusion

An electronic tool for managing human resources was introduced by the Indian government, namely in government departments. You can apply for leave, see your service history, and access other work-related services all in one place on the Manav Sampada Portal.

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