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Leo Movie Review, Box Office, Cast, Theory, Story: Director Lokesh Kanagaraj’s latest film, a reimagining of ‘A History of Violence,’ is a treasure trove of action-packed moments. He harnesses the explosive potential of the genre, with Vijay as his formidable ammunition. The film is a symphony of cinematic craftsmanship, brimming with excitement and energy. However, it falls short of the mark.

As a loyal observer of Kanagaraj’s growth over four films, I was immersed in the pre-release buzz, fan fervor, and speculations. I meticulously pieced together all the fragments of information to set my expectations just right. Yet, when I entered the theater, I was overtaken by sheer euphoria. It wasn’t just the anticipation; it was the trust and goodwill that Kanagaraj had cultivated, translating into an unwavering belief in his vision.

Leo Movie 2023

leo movie

Renowned box office sensation Thalapathy Vijay has teamed up with the sensational filmmaker Lokesh Kanagaraj for an action-packed drama named “Leo.” Since its initial announcement, the buzz surrounding this film has been reaching new heights. Excitement has now hit a fever pitch as advance bookings strongly suggest that “Leo” is poised to set the box office on fire. Let’s find out if this much-anticipated movie lives up to the sky-high expectations.

Leo Movie Overview Details

Movie NameLEO
DirectorLokesh Kanakraj
Writer Lokesh Kanakraj
ProducerS. S. Lalit Kumar, Jagadish Palanisamy
Actors and Cast
Box Office Collection₹ 206 Cr
Where to watchYour Nearest Theatre

Leo Movie Box Office

Day 1₹ 64.80 Cr
Day 2₹ 35.25 Cr
Day 3₹ 39.80 Cr
Day 4₹ 41.55 Cr
Day 5₹ 25.00 Cr
Total ₹ 206 Cr

“Leo,” the much-anticipated movie, has been making waves at the box office with an impressive collection of ₹206 Crores in its first five days. The film’s tremendous hype and positive word-of-mouth have contributed to this remarkable success. If the current momentum continues, “Leo” is projected to earn a substantial amount, potentially crossing the ₹400 Crore mark in just 15 days, making it a true blockbuster in the making. This film’s extraordinary performance has undoubtedly made it a must-watch for moviegoers and a substantial earner for its producers.

Leo Movie Cast

Joseph Vijay plays the role of Leo Das/Parthiban, while Sanjay Dutt portrays Antony Das. Trisha Krishnan is Sathya, Arjun Sarja takes on the character of Harold Das, and Gautham Vasudev Menon embodies Joshy Andrews. Mysskin becomes Shanmugan, Mansoor Ali Khan transforms into Irudhayaraj D’souza, and Priya Anand becomes Deepa Andrews in this film.

Leo Movie Reviews

The film’s standout moments are reminiscent of “Vikram,” but this potential isn’t fully realized in Leo. The icy setting remains underexplored, but it showcases Vijay’s versatility as he embodies the shades of a hidden violent side. The film’s token antagonists feel one-dimensional, and the violence, while gory, lacks fresh choreography.

While Vijay’s performance salvages the film, “Leo” falls short of the promise seen in “Vikram.” It’s a spectacle with familiar highs but lacks the same ingenuity. The excess testosterone and creative swagger occasionally overshadow the storytelling. You may find yourself wishing for a more humble approach in the future.


Leo Movie Story

Thalapathy Vijay takes on the role of Parthi, a mild-mannered café owner in Theog, Himachal Pradesh, with a dark past that resurfaces in a burst of violent heroism. The film’s breathtaking snowy Kashmir backdrop, while not entirely integrated with the local culture, sets the stage for Parthi’s story.

He’s a devoted father and husband, played by Trisha Krishnan. The film keeps you engaged with its nods to David Cronenberg’s “A History of Violence” and the interconnected cinematic universe built since “Vikram.” However, it occasionally stumbles, especially in its attempt to transform Parthi from a recluse into a hidden predator, leading to a somewhat predictable tone shift.

Leo Movie Theory

Leo’s character may appear to have a split personality, but it’s more like he’s giving a dynamic performance. Trisha, who is connected to Karthi from “Khaidi,” adds to the intrigue.

Arjun and Sanjay Dutt’s roles suggest a classic showdown, with Sanjay’s character meeting his demise and Arjun seeking revenge. We can expect a cameo from Vijay Sethupathi, who is too talented for just one film.

The mysterious Black squad might come to Leo’s aid, and the moment when his heartbeat quickens in the trailer signals a transformation into a “Badass.”

In “Vikram,” scenes may differ between the teaser and the final movie, much like the absence of a sword fight in the chocolate factory.

As a last resort, Leo may uncover the psycho killer’s ties to a Rolex supplier, leading to Leo dismantling the network and incurring Rolex’s wrath.

Don’t anticipate Kamal’s appearance, but there could be subtle hints regarding Rolex, akin to Marvel’s Thanos.

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