APAAR ID Card Apply – Registration Online, APAAR Download

APAAR ID Card Apply Process: The Ministry of Education and the Government of India launched the APAAR ID card in compliance with the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 to provide unique identity numbers to schoolchildren throughout India.

The goal of this ground-breaking program is to digitally centralize student academic data, such as degrees, awards, prizes, and other credits. All students will benefit from the APAAR ID, also known as the “One Nation One Student ID Card,” as it will digitally transmit all of their academic information.

We’ll go into great detail in this post regarding the benefits of the APAAR ID as well as how to download APAAR ID Card from the official website.

APAAR ID Card Apply - Online Registration Process, Download APAAR

APAAR ID Full Form

APAAR ID stands for “Automated Permanent Academic Account Registry”. To handle the APAAR ID card issue process, the Indian government established the Academic Bank of Credits (ABC Bank). These cards serve as registries inside the educational system, known as ‘EduLocker’.

What is APAAR ID Card ?

The APAAR ID card is a permanent identification number that helps with school transfer and keeps track of students’ academic achievements. The schools and institutions will give this card to each and every enrolled student, from pre-primary to higher education. The “One Nation One Student ID Card,” or APAAR ID, was introduced by the Indian government and Ministry of Education.

After registering for an APAAR card, students can download their card. The APAAR card has the 12-digit APAAR number, a unique identification number that students need to use to access all benefits and easily store academic data.

The One Nation One Student ID Card will be linked to the children’s Aadhaar numbers as well. An organized and accessible academic experience for students is made possible by the APAAR ID.

Benefits of APAAR ID Card

  • The APAAR ID card gives students a permanent identifying number that enables them to track their academic development and accomplishments with ease.
  • The APAAR ID card will centralize the digital storage of student information, including learning outcomes, exam results, report cards, health records, and extracurricular accomplishments like Olympiad rankings, specialized skill training, etc.
  • Students of all ages will be able to monitor their academic progress in high school, junior college, and beyond with the use of the APAAR number.
  • Since it will have all of the student’s academic information, it will make the transfer process from one institution to another simple. As a result, applying for admission to a new college in any area of the nation will be simple.
  • Keeping track of students who drop out of school is helpful for the government’s efforts to reintegrate them into society and familiarize them with academic pursuits.
  • A digital central repository will house academic data, including prizes, diplomas, scholarships, and other student credits.
  • The APAAR ID will be instantly linked to the ABC Bank. Because of this, credits are promptly entered in the ABC upon completion of a semester or course, and this is recognized by all Indian colleges.
  • Students can use the credit score they receive through their APAAR IDs for university entrance examinations or further education.
  • Every piece of information required to identify a student is on the APAAR card. It includes details on the student’s name, residence, date of birth, gender, picture, sports participation, educational loans, scholarships, and other honors, among other things.

There is virtually little possibility that the data on the APAAR card would be misused because the Ministry of Education will keep it all safe. This data will only be used for instructional purposes.

APAAR ID Card Apply – Registration Online

Students need to have a valid Aadhaar card in order to apply for an APAAR ID. Additionally, they need to register for an account on DigiLocker, which is where e-KYC is done. After getting parental approval, schools and institutions are required to begin the registration process for APAAR ID cards for their students.

Additionally, parents have the right to change their mind at any time. The kids should receive a format form from their schools or universities, which the parents should complete and turn in. The APAAR ID card will be made by the schools with the permission of the parents.

The following is the online APAAR ID registration process to apply for APPAR ID:

  • Go to the website of ABC Bank, the Academic Bank of Credits.
  • After choosing “My Account” option on the homepage, click “Student.”
  • To create a DigiLocker account, click “Sign up” and provide your cellphone number, address, and Aadhaar card information.
  • Enter the login credentials to access the DigiLocker account.
  • For KYC Verification, DigiLocker will need your permission to share ABC with your Aadhaar card details. Choose “I agree.”
  • Enter the academic information, including the name of the class, course, and university.
  • Once the form is submitted, an APAAR ID card will be created.

ABC Card PDF Download (APAAR Download)

The National Education Policy (NEP) talks led to the establishment of the Academic Bank of Credits. All students can register through this site and take use of the ABC Card’s features. The steps to download the ABC Card PDF are outlined in the instructions below.

  1. Go to the official website of ABC Card. Select the option ‘My Account’ and proceed to login.
  2. Locate and select the ‘APAAR card download’ option on the dashboard.
  3. On the screen,it will show the APAAR card.
  4. Select the print or download link.
  5. The APAAR ID Card will be downloaded. Save it for future use.

It’s crucial to confirm the information on the APAAR Card PDF @ abc.gov.in, including name, APAAR ID, QR code, and other details, after downloading it. Two crore students and thousands of institutions have already enrolled online for the ABC Card or APAAR ID Card.

ABC Bank Registration through DigiLocker

ABC Bank Account: Use Digilocker to find out more about the current ABC Bank registration.
Account Setup: Learn how to create an account with your phone number, academic credentials, university information, and more.
APAAR Card Issuance: Recognize the steps involved in issuing APAAR cards and learn how to download them for different services.

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APAAR ID Card Apply: Conclusion 

For students in India, the One Nation One Student ID Card, or APAAR ID, is a big step in the direction of a more structured and convenient educational experience. Once you register and get your APAAR ID, you can maintain your academic data simply and access a number of other services.

This program has already benefited millions of students across hundreds of institutions, making it a promising breakthrough in the field of education.

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