Capital One Class Action Settlement – Claim Process, Payment Status

Capital One Class Action Settlement: Capital One declared in July 2019 that a criminal hack had compromised their networks. About 98 million American consumers’ personal information was accessed without authorization by the attacker.

If the 2019 Capital One data breach exposed your information, you may be able to receive financial compensation from the $190 million capital one class action settlement.

Capital One Class Action Settlement Overview

Capital One Class Action Settlement and Payment Status

Capital One revealed that it had experienced a malicious cyberattack on its systems in July 2019. About 98 million American consumers’ personal information was accessed by the attacker without their permission.

Details accessed for each individual included contact details, names, addresses, zip codes, postal codes, phone numbers, email addresses, dates of birth, self-reported income, credit scores, credit limits, balances, payment histories, and/or fragments of transaction data from a total of 23 days in 2016, 2017, and 2018.

Additionally, 80,000 connected bank account data and roughly 120,000 Social Security information were accessed.

On behalf of customers whose personal information was accessed as a result of the Data Breach, numerous lawsuits were filed. The consumers who filed the lawsuit are known as “Plaintiffs.” Amazon and Capital One are the “Defendants.” Plaintiffs contend that Defendants failed to effectively protect the personal data of customers.

Defendants denied any wrongdoing and denied that the attacker had released or distributed the material they had accessed. No verdict or other finding of wrongdoing by Capital One or Amazon has been rendered by a court or other judicial body.

How do I know if I am part of Capital One Class Action Settlement ?

If you were one of the roughly 98 million Americans identified by Capital One whose information was compromised in the Capital One Data Breach, you are a member of the Settlement Class.

You are probably a member of the Settlement Class if you received a notice. Additionally, you can find out if you are a member of the Settlement Class and qualify for benefits by calling 1-855-604-1811 (Toll-Free).

How to file claim in Capital One Class Action Settlement ?

You can submit your online claim on the class-action settlement website. You will require extensive supporting documentation, such as invoices, bank statements, canceled checks, and receipts, in addition to the Unique ID and PIN printed on the notification you received from Capital One via email or mail.

Call the settlement administrator at 855-604-1811 if you never received one or misplaced your notification. The settlement administrator has insisted that the process has already begun.

To get your money, click the “Claim Payment” link in any “EpiqPay” email. But keep in mind that the deadline is November 27, 2023, as indicated on the settlement page.

As soon as you click the link, a payment dashboard will display where you may select your preferred payment option. Depending on your decision, you might have to add a few more data to complete the payment process.

When will I receive my payment ?

Even though the settlement was officially approved on September 8, appeals may still delay the distribution process.

According to a FAQ on the settlement website, “This may take several months or more.”

The payment schedule will be disclosed to claimants by the settlement administrator. Payments will be paid either direct deposit or paper check, depending on the method selected.

Capital One Class Action Settlement

If you belong to the Settlement Class, you will be eligible to receive benefits from the proposed Settlement. In addition to other benefits, the proposed Settlement requires Capital One to establish a $190 million Settlement Fund. Relief under the Settlement comprises:

Cash Payment for Lost Time

The Settlement Fund will be used to cover the costs of time expended preventing losses related to the Data Breach and correcting fraud, identity theft, or other misuse of a Settlement Class Member’s personal information that the class member reasonably believes can be traced back to the Data Breach (“Lost Time”).

Up to 15 hours of lost time in connection with an eligible Out-of-Pocket Losses claim may be backed by a certification. For a maximum of five hours, lost time that is unrelated to an eligible Out-of-Pocket Losses claim may be backed by a certification.

The Settlement Class Member’s documented hourly wage or $25 per hour, if the Settlement Class Member took time from work, will be the higher of the two as the reimbursement rate for lost time.

Cash Payment for Out of Pocket losses

Verifiable unreimbursed costs or expenses that a Settlement Class Member genuinely incurred and believes are reasonably traceable to the Data Breach shall be reimbursed out of the Settlement Fund.

In addition, costs incurred on or after March 22, 2019, related to putting or removing a credit freeze on a credit file, obtaining credit reports, credit monitoring, or other products related to detection or remediation of identity theft, and other related miscellaneous expenses like notary, fax, postage, copying, mileage, and long-distance telephone charges are included.

These costs include costs incurred as a result of identity theft or identity fraud, falsified tax returns, or other alleged misuse of a Settlement Class Member’s personal information.

Identity Defense services

All Settlement Class Members were qualified to sign up for the free Identity Defense Services provided by Pango for a minimum of three (3) years.

A $1 million identity theft insurance policy with no deductible, lost wallet protection, security freeze capabilities, identity monitoring with authentication alerts, monitoring of your personal information on the dark web, and other features are included in the services.

A Settlement Class Member’s Identity Defense Services will also include Three-Bureau Credit Monitoring with quick alerts and a monthly credit score if their Social Security number or associated bank account number was compromised in the data breach.

Restoration Services

All Settlement Class Members will be eligible to use Restoration Services provided by Pango for a minimum of three (3) years (the “Restoration Services”), regardless of whether they sign up for Identity Defense Services or make a claim for Out-of-Pocket Losses or Lost Time.

All Settlement Class Members are eligible for this coverage, which is a separate benefit, and it gives them access to U.S.-based fraud resolution professionals who can help with crucial tasks like alerting the credit bureaus to fraud, disputing false information on credit reports, scheduling calls with creditors and other service providers, and working with law enforcement and governmental organizations to refute fraudulent information.

Capital One business practice changes

In order to improve its information security program, Capital One has agreed to undertake and/or maintain a number of improvements to its business practices.


What is EpiqPay ?

The authorized digital payment gateway for Epiq Class Action & Claims Solutions, Inc. is called EpiqPay. Those who are qualified for payments can easily, quickly, conveniently, and securely submit claims using EpiqPay. This page contains general information regarding EpiqPay as well as case-specific details about the payment notification you may have gotten recently.

Why is this a Class Action ?

One or more persons, referred to as “Class Representatives,” file a lawsuit in a class action on behalf of themselves and other parties having comparable claims. Collectively, these individuals form the “Class” or “Class Members.” As a class action settlement, everyone who did not file their own case is still eligible to receive benefits under the settlement, with the exception of those who choose to disqualify themselves from the Settlement Class.

Conclusion: Capital One Class Action Settlement

The Capital One Class Action Settlement, which addressed claims of unfair practices and consumer harm ascribed to Capital One, represented a noteworthy legal milestone in the banking sector. In this intricate legal dispute, a number of customers sued the financial institution on their own behalf, bringing forth a number of allegations including misleading advertising, excessive costs, and dubious lending practices.

The class action complaint sought damages for individuals who had suffered harm as a result of Capital One’s acts and attempted to hold the company accountable for these claimed wrongdoings.

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  1. I called them along with several other people, that stated they did not recieve an email. I’ve had this bank for years and even searching my email, can’t find the email. When I spoke to the bank, they indicated that it was sent in May 2022. I looked in my spam and my email, and nothing is there. I find it off that several people had the same issue.

  2. My name is Vivian Lindley. I also received no notice from CapitalOne about the settlement. When I did find out I called Settement Administrators and they stated it is too late to file a claim when my idenity was compromised and the Scamer took all of my money out of both of my Bank Accounts. I feel that this is so very unfair.


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